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Staffing for Assisted Living Facilities

We partner with assisted living facilities needing talent and care. Services help adults, seniors, and pediatric clients who are recovering after a hospital or facility stay, or need additional support to avoid unnecessary hospitalization. Care is provided by registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPN's), physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), speech language pathologists (SLPs), and medical social workers (MSWs). We are committed to enhancing our patient’s quality of life through compassionate and professional care. Count on us to be there.

Medcare HMC is a Medicare, Aetna and United Healthcare Group certified provider. Our experienced team ensures care that meets the ever-changing medical social and emotional needs of our patients and their families.

Medcare HMC offers Skilled Nursing for In-Home and Assisted Living Care.

Do you need rehabilitation therapy at home or in an assisted living facility?

Medcare HMC offers Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

Dementia Care at Home

  • Dementia-Friendly Care
  • Medication Management
  • Therapy Programs
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Memory Care

  • Alzheimer's Care
  • Trained Caregiving
  • Avoid Re-Admission
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Dementia and Memeory/Alzheimer's Care
Dementia & Memory Care Team

Medicare pays for you to get health care services in your home if you meet certain eligibility criteria.

Who’s Eligible?

  • You're under the care of a Doctor
  • Doctor Certifies Need for Care
  • You're Homebound
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Medical Supplies

  • Wound Care Dressings
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Up 80% Covered - Wheelchairs
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Medicare Covered Wheelchair
Durable Medical Equipment

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